Chain drive, particularly for internal combustion engine

Kettentrieb, insbesondere für Nebenantriebe von Brennkraftmaschinen


The drive comprises sprockets (2,3) on shafts (4,5) having different inertia weights. A guide (7) or damper (8) is provided for one run (6',6") of the chain, and the sprocket (3) on the shaft (5) with the lesser inertia weight incorporates a damper (10) elastic in the radial direction. This damper oscillates radially in antiphase to the oscillation generated by the polygon effect of the sprocket (2) on the shaft with greater inertia weight, and towards the line (9) joining the two shafts. It can incorporate an annular flywheel (11) coupled via an annular rubber or elastomer spring (12) to the sprocket, so as to turn with it. Its material has a high damping effect over a wide frequency band. The flywheel can be centred in the sprocket via an elastic corrugated ring.




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