Method for producing commutators having a large axial length


A method for producing commutators having a large axial length for generators, in the case of which intermediate supports having annular grooves which form clamping shoulders are provided in the commutator ring at the ends and between the commutator rings ends, onto which intermediate supports the clamping elements are placed in order to absorb centrifugal forces. The compressed commutator ring is split transversely with respect to its axis into at least two sections (22, 24), of approximately equal length, at a separating point (20) in the region of an intermediate support, and the clamping shoulders (28; 52) are turned to the final size [lacuna] annular grooves which are constructed in those ends of the commutator ring sections which bound the separating point or points. The clamping rings (30) are fitted in the grooves, onto the clamping shoulders of the grooves. The commutator ring sections are aligned with respect to one another in the original position and the ends of the laminates are connected at the separating point, by means of soldering or welding. The commutator can in this case be constructed as a screw-type commutator or pressed commutator. <IMAGE>




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