Automatic sorting of slide transparencies - involves gripper mechanism to extract individual slides from magazine.


The automatic magazine slide sorter uses a grip to position individual slides and devices to move the magazine and a sensor (106) to detect the magazine end plus a counter. The gripper (102) removes individual slides (104) from one position in the magazine (103) and the magazine can move backwards and forwards relative to the gripper in two opposing directions. The first sensor (105) detects vacant positions in the magazine and the counter (107) determines the magazine position. Devices (108) activate and control the sorting method. Pref. the first (105) and/or second (106) sensor is a pressure sensor or photocell mounted on the gripper. The gripper is used to insert/remove individual slides from a parking position (110). USE/ADVANTAGE - Slide transparency magazine has a slide gripper with position sensors to permit fast sorting.




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