Assembly tool for placing a marking element on a strand-shaped material

Montagewerkzeug zum Aufsetzen eines Markierungselements auf ein strangförmiges Gut


An assembly tool for placing a marking element (7) equipped with specially shaped clamping arms on a strand-shaped material (11) in such a way that clamping arms (103, 106) present on the marking element (7) embrace the strand-shaped material (11) in a self-securing manner is distinguished in that two working jaws (2, 3) which are movable relative to one another are present, one of which cooperates with a holding device (6) for the marking element (7) and another of which carries a receptacle (8) for the strand-shaped material (11), a controlling device (15) coordinating the movement of the working jaws (2, 3). The movement coupling by the controlling device (15) is effected with the aid of connecting rods (18, 26) and crank mechanisms (17, 25, 27) and results in the marking element (7) firstly being moved towards the strand-shaped material (11) and the latter then being pressed against one of the clamping arms (106) of the marking element (7) by the longitudinally displaceable receptacle (8) and subsequently pushed back into its starting position again at the same time as the marking element (7) is pushed onto the strand-shaped material (11). <IMAGE>




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